Capgemini Invent Booth - Process excellence for Master Data: The quarterback role of Process Mining
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

In the dynamic field of data-driven operations, master data isn’t just about IT migration – master data orchestrates all core business processes across all industries. Process Mining steps up as the playmaker, driving cost efficiency and compliance, guiding organizations to process excellence. The session explores the synergy between Master Data Management (MDM) and Process Mining: Real-world client examples will illustrate levers across the entire master data lifecycle – from initial creation to automated updates, maintenance and fraud prevention. Learn how to unlock the full potential of the Celonis EMS with object-centric process mining by combining MDM with Celonis classic “Core 4”-processes. On the defensive front, discover how Process Mining can orchestrate your IT migration program through master data management - and avoid the manual transfer of thousands of master data entries, as one of Capgemini Invent’s retail clients did. Join us to make master data the game-changer in your process excellence journey with Process Mining!

Location Name
Capgemini Invent Booth, 1-6
Session Type
Partner Demo